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Jan 24, 2021

How Long is your Customer Willing to Spend Looking for What They Need?

Dave Mence

According to Hosting Tribunal, most users will spend less than 15-seconds before leaving (or 'bouncing')! This is what's commonly known in the world of digital marketing as 'The 15-Second Rule'. In your best-case scenario, this is the amount of time you have to achieve all of the following things, in sequence:

  • Page fully loads
  • Capture enough initial interest to make the user want to stay
  • Successfully communicate what you do/offer and what steps the user should take next

And when you're talking about users on their mobile devices specifically, that 15-seconds can be reduced even further, as users get distracted by other push notifications that pull them away. That's not a lot of time to make an impression and incentivize the user to take action!

So, how do we make sure we're not losing potential customers to 'bouncing'? By trying to help the user to instantly find what they need, and presenting it to them in an optimized way that gets them there in the shortest time and fewest steps possible. And by making sure not to keep users waiting around for a page to load before they have a chance to get really interested.

The solution to this challenge, for restaurants anyway, comes in the form of a RestoPronto page - a links tool that gives shortcuts to the most important information, tools and links that a hungry would-be diner might need when first tapping over to your restaurant's online presence.

With a RestoPronto page, the user will click the branded short-link in your restaurant's Instagram bio (or a Facebook ad, a tweet or what have you), and instead of heading directly over to your website or to a single delivery partner app that you decide to link to, they land on an ultra-fast, instant-loading, conversion-optimized links page, where they can quickly and intuitively decide what kind of order they'd like to make, navigate over to your website or menu page, set a route to your location, check your hours, tap to call or follow you on your various social media channels. It's a switchboard of sorts, to help instantly connect your user to the thing they need at that very moment, and to avoid confusion or over-involvement.

Remember that at any given moment, each of your online customers has a different need, and your RestoPronto page gives them a shortcut directly to it! It's important to note that it doesn't replace your website... instead, it helps direct your customers there (if that's in fact where they need to go!) Oh, and it loads in a speedy 1-second :)

Give RestoPronto a try! Click here to get started now for free.

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