Packed with features

A shortcut to everything your online customers need.

Apps, maps, sharing and more.
Reduce friction from search to order

Streamlined, high-converting customer funnel

Your RestoPronto landing page acts as a hub where your online customers can find all of the various ways to place an order and interact with your restaurant.

It cleverly helps them to quickly find the exact information or function they need, at exactly the right moment, leading to a smoother customer experience... and more orders!
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Feel the need for speed

Ultra-fast 1-sec page load

Time is money, and the longer your prospective customers wait for content to load, the lower the chance of conversion.

Your RestoPronto page is super lightweight, and professionally optimized for fast page load speeds. So your customers will get the info they need instantly, without waiting around or dropping off.
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More traffic, more eyeballs, more orders

Search engine optimized

Making it easy for Google to find and rank you online is a surefire way for hungry customers to find out about your restaurant at the right moment.

Your RestoPronto page is search engine optimized by SEO experts, making it far more likely to show up at the top of the results.
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It's all about sharing

Customized Short Link

Your shareable short link is what RestoPronto is really all about! Use it in your IG bio, in your Facebook ads, in your tweets and pretty much everywhere else!

Remember, your RestoPronto page is the ideal place for any and all users to start each of their online interactions with your restaurant.
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No need to change anything you're doing

Integrated with all of your delivery apps

Each of your customers has a favourite delivery app, so we give them direct links to your menu on every one of your partner apps... all in one place.
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and many more!
Location, location, location

Plays nice with Google Maps

A proven part of the search-and-order process for the majority of online food orders, checking your place out on Google Maps is a foregone conclusion.

We place a Google Maps embed front and center, so your customers can see exactly where you are with no extra steps, and set a route with one tap.
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