Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy (CERS) Program Will Reimburse up to 90% of your Rent!

Dave Mence

For Canadian restaurateurs that are experiencing rent-related issues with their landlords during Covid, the Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy program may be helpful.

Under CERS, the government may subsidize up to 90% of your rent. You must qualify, of course (and there are several ways to qualify), but signing up for this program is relatively easy - it's an online form that doesn't take very long. As long as you can show that you've had a covid-related drop in revenues, and have an eligible rent expense, then you're likely a fit for CERS.

You can also apply retroactively for months starting from October 2020. During the registration process, you set up direct-deposit to your bank account, and once you register and are approved, your subsidies take only 3-8 days to be paid to you.

So if you have a landlord that has been less than helpful during Covid, then it might be worth looking onto CERS.

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